Ep. 9: A Conversation with Oli Pettigrew (HD)


Happy New Year! For our first offering in 2012, we sat down with the very funny, very friendly host of AXN-Asia’s Cash Cab and Sony Lifestyle Show, Oli Pettigrew. I met Oli at the wedding celebration party of our good friend Joey Mead and Ian King and, being such a fan, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview him. So off we went to Joey’s house and rolled our cameras for the interview.

In this episode, Oli explains if Pettigrew family really has a curse, why the Philippines is special to both him and his wife, Linda Black, and how, for a time, Google thought he was gay!

Watch or download the SD (lower bandwidth) version of this episode here.

2 Comments on "Ep. 9: A Conversation with Oli Pettigrew (HD)"

  1. Bing says:

    oh, you are one lucky guy! Oli is so cute and funny. not only that, he seems to be a very intelligent guy. 🙂

    hi, bloghopped from Eric. nice site. 🙂

  2. ABML Admin says:

    Thanks, Bing! Hope you continue to watch our episodes!

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