Ep. 16: A Cover Shoot with Ian King and Joey Mead for Style Weekend (HD)


So happy to work with Style Weekend Magazine of the Manila Bulletin and it’s Editor-in-Chief Liza Ilarde once again. This time, it’s for the cover story of the magazine featuring the recently-married Ian King and Joey Mead. Ian and Joey are good friends and I’m so grateful they welcomed us back to their home (we shot the Oli Pettigrew interview there also). With these two, it never feels like work; it’s always a reunion of old friends!

Watch and see the challenges of shooting on location once again, this time in a relatively smaller space. Many thanks to the couple for allowing us to turn their home into a studio, rearranging their furniture, bringing in equipment, and invaded practically every inch of their living space.

Watch or download the SD (lower bandwidth) version of this episode here.

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