Ep. 10: Vilma Santos-Recto: A Governor’s Day At Work (SD)


Have you ever wondered what goes on in a working politician’s life? What’s a day like for a Provincial Governor? What does each day have in store for you if you are running one of the largest provinces in the country while being the Star for All Seasons at the same time? On one day last December, we found out! Raymund and the podcast team spent a working day with none other than Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto and got a glimpse of the life of an artista who entered the world of politics.

Watch or download the HD version of this episode here.

5 Comments on "Ep. 10: Vilma Santos-Recto: A Governor’s Day At Work (SD)"

  1. Marilen Handley says:

    Hi Raymond

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing with us a glimpse of the Governor’s day as a politician. It is no wonder her governance has recently been acknowledged by DILG; her achievements in the field of politics and the hard work that she puts into her position as the “mother” of Batangas province is not only known to the Batanguenos but to the ordinary people from nearby provinces.

    I loved her from childhood and now I not only admire and love her but I am truly proud to be a Vilmanian. I pray that God will continue to keep her safe, wish her good health and a happy family life.

    Thanks Raymond.

    Marilen Handley
    Brisbane, Australia

  2. ronald garcia says:

    Thank you Raymond for always featuring our Queenstar For All Seasons.We are very happy seeing her enjoying everything in her life right now.We are so proud of her achievements not only as a great actress but as an outstanding politician as well!May GOD bless Ate Vi and her family always.Godspeed Raymond!

  3. katmon silverio says:

    thanks a lot for all the pictures and videos of ms. vilma santos.we are very happy seeing ate vi here.more on ate vi please!

  4. ABML Admin says:

    Thank you for your kind words. We hope that you continue supporting our podcast and catch all previous and upcoming episodes!

  5. Sofia R. says:

    I discovered this website unexpectedly…and truly I got entertained tremendously, it was like reading a book that it really hard to put down. I absolutely love it! Raymund Isaac Ikaw na! You should be a reality tv producer. Your episodes truly showed the real personality of your featured star.

    This video in particular showed why Vilma Santos became the star and politician that she is. You could see that she loves her job. Very energetic and friendly pa la si Ate Vi . I’m a fan now.

    More power ! I really hope more people will discover this website.

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