Raymund Isaac’s Adventures Behind My Lens podcast is produced by Portfolio Studio and Photography, Makati City, Philippines.

Podcast Concept by Raymund Isaac
Directors: Raymund Isaac, Manjo Zalamea
Editors: Manjo Zalamea, RV Aquino
Videographers: Manjo Zalamea, RV Aquino
Graphic Artists: Jolo Livelo, Harriz Vivar
Line Producers: Marge Herbosa, Jayson Vicente
Grips: Warren Damian, Joey Penaflor
Driver: Mike Arzadon

Music provided by musicalley.com

Episodes available on this website, iTunes, Raymund’s Tumblr, and Raymund Isaac’s Youtube Channel.

The first season premiered on September 30, 2011, was released every other Friday, and consisted of 24 episodes plus one extra episode.

The second season premiered on December 4, 2012, released every other Tuesday, and had 26 episodes.

Watch out for our third season coming soon!

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